Homeopathy for lichen planus treatment
How to treat Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus is a disease on the skin or mouth, due to internal, immunological cause. So, when you decide to treat it effectively, the treatment has to be targeted to correct the internal, immunological cause.

Lichen Planus on Back treated with Homeopathic medicines

At Life Force, we have been treating cases of Lichen Planus since 1985, almost three decades. We have made following observations about the treatment of Lichen Planus.

  1. Homeopathy works for all forms of Lichen Planus.
  2. Conventional medicine such as cortisone in the form of lotion, tablets, injection, gel or mouthwash may help Lichen planus but for a short time. We have observed and documented in a large number of cases that after using Cortisone, the disease bounces back. The resurfaced Lichen Planus may be more severe, resistant to the same treatment and more difficult to treat.
  3. Recent case of skin Lichen planus may show results within about eight weeks of homeopathic treatment and the course of treatment may take about six to eight months, depending on various factors.
  4. Old cases of skin Lichen planus may take long time. For example, if one has extensive Lichen planus on the skin for, say, fifteen years, it may take over year and half to bring significant recovery or complete cure.
  5. Oral Lichen planus is curable using homeopathy. It takes time.
  6. Oral Lichen planus affecting tongue, cheeks and gums may take all the more time than just the inner cheeks.
  7. Severe oral Lichen planus, especially affecting the tongue, may require biopsy to rule out cancer.
  8. Previous use of cortisone in any form may make the treatment of Lichen planus more difficult. However, such a form of lichen planus is still curable.
  9. If oral lichen planus is very painful, it is suggested to use some anti-pain, analgesic gel in the mouth along with homeopathic treatment.
  10. Homeopathic treatment entails intake of oral medicines.
  11. Homeopathic medicines for Lichen Planus are sourced from a range of substances such as herbs, plants, minerals, chemicals, etc. and they are processed (potentized) in such a way that they rendered absolutely safe.
  12. Homeopathic medicines for Lichen Planus is 100% safe and free from any adverse effects.

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